Friday, 5 December 2014

Narrative about Action Movies

Action - Movie

Once there lived a Spider girl whose name was Crystal.

They met at a little tree next to the forest. ( the forest had a lot of trees and birds). S\he was nervous because she knew something would happen.

Crystal met Spider boy named Chris, while Crystal was still meeting Chris they both heard a little noise. The noise was a little thing that the incoming team put that little thing near the tree.
Next after they heard  that sound they both agree with each other to go on a mission. When they went on their mission they went on their own vehicles to their missions.

After that they got their and there was people waiting for them so they can have a fight, but the problem was Spider girl and Spider boy weren’t ready for the fight.

(So the problem is they weren’t ready for the battle) But luckily Crystal (Spider girl) had her phone in her hand, with her phone she called her sister Lisa to call her mates so they can get ready for this battle.

Finally Crystal sister came “Battle begins” shouted Crystal then it began. The team who won was Crystal’s team.

Then they all lived happily ever after.


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like your narrative about spider boy keep up the work

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