Friday, 17 October 2014

My Holiday

I was upset because I wouldn't see my best friends for about 2 weeks, but I got through all the pain.

As soon as we came back to my house I was fast sleep and I woke up just in tome to see the new episodes on T.V two. I was  very excited because they were my favourite T.V shows. Then I went to sleep and woke up for the first week of the holidays.
On the first week of the holidays We just played in my backyard and bought food. I stayed watching T.V  and playing games. My favourite part in my holiday is playing bull rush with my family. Me and my family went swimming at the G.I pools and went Silvia park to buy some new clothes.

On the second week of the holidays , we went to a talent Quest and my team only got one award for participation. As soon as you know it the holidays finished and I went back to school.
I would say It was the worse holiday of the year



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