Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Report - Kiwi

                               A Kiwi

A Kiwi is a member of a birds family. and also a nocturnal..  The kiwi is a national symbol of New Zealand.

A Kiwi has a long beak to dig.. A  kiwi has two strong legs to travel around. A Kiwi looks for food at night time.  They’re flightless birds with no tails.  They are the size of a chicken.

A Kiwi is found in New Zealand because it a native bird of New Zealand.


A Kiwi can lay eggs. A Kiwi bird can swim.  A Kiwi comes out at night to hunt for food. Also a Kiwi female weight more than a male.


angelica said...

Good writing caroline what a good brainstorm.

dallas said...

Hello caroline i like your report about the kiwi

Luisa said...

Hi Caroline you have a wonderful report and it has lots of interesting facts

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