Monday, 11 August 2014

Caroline Powhriri


Hello my name is Caroline and I am going to write to you about the special event that happened at my school Glenbrae Primary School in Glen Innes.

When I came to school there was a sausage sizzle and I ate 5 of them and 5 drinks. Then I was full. Then the bell rang, all classes had to go into their classroom and put their bags inside and then we lined up to get ourselves into our positions.

We went down to the hall and sat up straight, waiting for the guests and the mayor Len Brown and the Minister the Housing Dr Nick Smith to come. Finally they arrived as the kapa haka performed the haka and they welcomed them too.

After that Len Brown spoke about how exciting it is for us to have a early childhood centre being built in front of our school and  he sang a song before Dr Nick Smith. When Len Brown finished speaking we clapped. After that we sang a song and  some of the kapahaka people stood up to shake hands with all the guests and hongi.

Finally we all went outside to watch the sod turning and when the sod turning was finished people went up to the mayor and high fived him and hugged him.

When it was finished we had a surprise from Mrs Tofa our teacher. She gave us a lollies and we had to share a balloon.

That is how the powhiri went.


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