Friday, 9 May 2014

Inquiry Presentation

Inquiry Presentation

First Room 7 went to lined up and walked down to Room 1. In Room 1 I learnt about animals and some of the native birds.
Next we walked to Room 2. In Room 2 I saw a native trees and a art drawing.
Then we went to room 5 we got welcomed and we had to answer question. After we answer we made a bug out of lollies. We played a game.
Third we walked back to the seniors to go to room 10. In room 10 I learnt that if you're lost then build a fire so whenever a helicopter come past then they will know that somebody needs help.
In Room 9, I learnt that kauri trees are one of the biggest native trees. I enjoyed it because its about the bush.
In Room 8 I learnt that Debono made the six thinking hat.
It was awesome because the presenters were confident and spoke fluently.


Aaliyahna said...

Hi Caroline that was a very cool Recount

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