Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Missing Mum In Auckland

Police say possibilities of what happened to Blessie Gotingco are "limitless".
At a press conference this afternoon Detective Senior Sergeant Stan Brown said the 56-year-old's disappearance was a complete mystery.

There was nothing at the scene where her belongings were found yesterday to indicate a struggle.
He said police were looking for two items Mrs Gotingco would have had with her - a distinctive Omega watch and her reading glasses.
He would not disclose what property had already been found.
Police will continue to canvas Salisbury Rd and will look to extend the search area if necessary.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Argument writing about life jackets

Why life jackets are important

People should always wear life jackets for their own safety especially children.

People should always wear life jacket for their own safety because kids have drowned in boat with no life jacket.

Life jackets are very important because if people fall into the sea then they will be able to float until they get help.

Life jackets also have whistles which people can use if they want to get help and no one can see them. They can blow on the whistle and alert people for help.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Information Report About The Sea

The sea has been traveled and explored since ancient times.
The sea provides people with substantial supplies of food.The sea is blue because of the reflection goes on the sea.
If the tsunami hits the ocean then it will might be a sprout and it will be a disaster.
In the sea you can see waves and people in the sea swimming.The sea looks like green or blue.In the sea there are different creatures.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Inquiry Presentation

Inquiry Presentation

First Room 7 went to lined up and walked down to Room 1. In Room 1 I learnt about animals and some of the native birds.
Next we walked to Room 2. In Room 2 I saw a native trees and a art drawing.
Then we went to room 5 we got welcomed and we had to answer question. After we answer we made a bug out of lollies. We played a game.
Third we walked back to the seniors to go to room 10. In room 10 I learnt that if you're lost then build a fire so whenever a helicopter come past then they will know that somebody needs help.
In Room 9, I learnt that kauri trees are one of the biggest native trees. I enjoyed it because its about the bush.
In Room 8 I learnt that Debono made the six thinking hat.
It was awesome because the presenters were confident and spoke fluently.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Information About an Kiwi

A Kiwi

A Kiwi is a member of a birds family and also a nocturnal.  The kiwi is a national symbol of New Zealand.

A Kiwi has a long beak to dig. A  kiwi has two strong legs to travel around. A Kiwi looks for food at night time.  They’re flightless birds with no tails.  They are the size of a chicken.

A Kiwi is found in New Zealand because it's a native bird of New Zealand.


A Kiwi can lay eggs. A Kiwi bird can swim.  A Kiwi comes out at night to hunt for food. Also a Kiwi female weight more than a male