Friday, 5 December 2014

Narrative about Action Movies

Action - Movie

Once there lived a Spider girl whose name was Crystal.

They met at a little tree next to the forest. ( the forest had a lot of trees and birds). S\he was nervous because she knew something would happen.

Crystal met Spider boy named Chris, while Crystal was still meeting Chris they both heard a little noise. The noise was a little thing that the incoming team put that little thing near the tree.
Next after they heard  that sound they both agree with each other to go on a mission. When they went on their mission they went on their own vehicles to their missions.

After that they got their and there was people waiting for them so they can have a fight, but the problem was Spider girl and Spider boy weren’t ready for the fight.

(So the problem is they weren’t ready for the battle) But luckily Crystal (Spider girl) had her phone in her hand, with her phone she called her sister Lisa to call her mates so they can get ready for this battle.

Finally Crystal sister came “Battle begins” shouted Crystal then it began. The team who won was Crystal’s team.

Then they all lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Rm7 Clour Tally Chart

We all try to find how many people like colour.
Then i found out the whole class like colour.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Current Event 2014

A scientist separates blood cells from plasma cells to isolate any Ebola RNA (Reuters)

The number of people believed to have died from Ebola in west Africa has risen sharply to 467, the World Health Organisation (WHO) says.
Giving the latest update on the disease which has hit Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the WHO said there have now been 759 confirmed or suspected cases of Ebola in the region.
These figures represent a 38 percent spike in the number of deaths and a 27 percent rise in the number of overall cases since the WHO's last update on June 24.
The data was issued on the eve of a meeting in Ghana by 11 west African health ministers trying to find a way to combat the deadliest outbreak of the virus in history.

Friday, 17 October 2014

My Holiday

I was upset because I wouldn't see my best friends for about 2 weeks, but I got through all the pain.

As soon as we came back to my house I was fast sleep and I woke up just in tome to see the new episodes on T.V two. I was  very excited because they were my favourite T.V shows. Then I went to sleep and woke up for the first week of the holidays.
On the first week of the holidays We just played in my backyard and bought food. I stayed watching T.V  and playing games. My favourite part in my holiday is playing bull rush with my family. Me and my family went swimming at the G.I pools and went Silvia park to buy some new clothes.

On the second week of the holidays , we went to a talent Quest and my team only got one award for participation. As soon as you know it the holidays finished and I went back to school.
I would say It was the worse holiday of the year


Friday, 26 September 2014


‘’Aaahhhhh!!!!! here comes the evil volcano witch Gemma Adcock run for your life before she boils you up in her volcano shaped tummy” said Dallas. “Thats right you silly lagoon you can run but you can’t hide” said the Gemma in a cranky voice. Gemma Adcock has been destroying towns for her whole life and she boiled children in her tummy filled in lava. She has been in different villages and the village she was in was called Volley town because the people there like to play volleyball and there are lot of dormant volcanoes. As she was searching for someone, Dallas and her friends Luisa, Linda Kiki and Shannon set a trap for the witch. Once the trap was finished the lured Gemma into the trap. They had hidden Gemma’s favourite brush into a tree that was leaning and once Gemma was climbing the tree, there was a huge rubberband tied onto a huge nail and they let the rubber band go and they slinged shot her into the air. When she was in the air she yelled “you will pay you meddling kids”

A year later the volcano which returned she came back to get revenge to the 4 friends who sling shotted her hundred feet into the air. She tried embarrassing them in front of a huge crowd but luckily they were to smart to fall for her dirty tricks. While all this nonsense was happening. They were so distracted that they never noticed that someone was behind them. That mystery person was Lightning Bolt, king of volcanoes. he was spying on the volcano witch because he  knew that she was up to know good. Once he sees her doing something bad, he will take her power away and banish her from volcano land.

In the meanwhile Luisa, Linda kiki, dallas and Shannon were getting ready to go to Hawaii to compete in a Hula contest. Along with them were the crystal clear, the girl gang that had been in their old school. Crystal clear were so jealous that   they wanted to get rid of the 5 girls. The girls did a very good job at the hola contest that they won. But as soon as they hoped in their flight back to their college the evil volcano witch threw lava at the plane and the plane crashed but hopefully they survived, leaving the volcano witch squashed underneath and that was the end of that.

The End